Despite the fact that the Nigerian music industry has developed beyond anything we could ever imagine lately – I mean, you have any semblance of J.Cole, Nas, Drake, Busta Rhymes, Beyonce, Fall Out Boy, Remy Ma, all either examining melodies from Nigerian artists or highlighting Naija musician following right after them, – there is as yet one extremely, difficult issue with the Nigerian music industry, and that is STAGE PERFORMANCES.

After You – a craftsman, gives us fire singles and an insane lit collection, it’s a genuine disgrace when the opportunity arrives for you to perform in front of an audience and you give us the sort of execution that leaves us lamenting ever considering purchasing your ticket in any case. Thus, after cautiously examining and going to various shows, I accept the five hints underneath will assist you with transforming your tragic exhibitions into lit/stunning ones.


This shouts out, isn’t that right? Like you are here attempting to figure out how to improve your exhibitions and here I am stating you should ‘perform.’ sufficiently funny, I am not the slightest bit wrong. Many, numerous Nigerian craftsmen don’t have a clue how to perform at shows. Scarcely five lines into their first melody and they are pointing the mouthpiece at the crowd for the crowd to sing the very tunes they paid to watch the craftsman sing and perform. That isn’t an exhibition! On the off chance that your fans needed a karaoke meeting, at that point they wouldn’t have paid to see you live, they’d have quite recently strolled into the closest karaoke bar.

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Play out your own melodies. Try not to point the mic to your crowd to sing your melodies for you. Let them chime in not ‘to’ your melodies. Presently, if the group is electric to such an extent that every one of them are chiming in, you can lounge in your accomplishment and stay silent for brief time moving as the group sings on. The main condition is that you probably performed a lot of sings first. Play out your melodies, don’t transform your show into a karaoke meeting.

Get A Live Band

Take a stab at utilizing a live band or ensemble on the off chance that you can. Perhaps the best show I’ve ever gone to is Asa’s Encore Concert in Lagos. She utilized a live symphony to play each and every tune she performed in front of an audience. Believe it or not, I was wowed to the point, that it moved me to tears. On the off chance that you can’t utilize a live band, at that point a DJ is similarly as fine. The main thing you should not do is ‘lip sync’ your tunes (which you clearly can’t do in the event that you are utilizing a live band). The DJ should play the instrumentals while you sing to it. Lip matching up your tunes is likely the single most prominent offense throughout the entire existence of stage exhibitions. Craftsmen like Asa, Darey, Simi, Adekunle Gold, Humble Smith, BEZ, Femi Kuti, and so on, all have the best exhibitions in the nation due to this single certainty: they don’t lip sync in their shows.

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Be Energetic or Be Cool, Just Capture Your Audiences Attention

Have you ever observed Davido perform? I wouldn’t deny on the off chance that anybody says he is consistently ‘squeezed’ in light of the fact that he pass on gives the most enthusiastic exhibitions ever. He in a real sense bounces around the stage however long his exhibitions last and you must choose the option to be as siphoned and as advertised as he seems to be. At that point there are specialists like M.I, Nasty C, and Phyno, who are so cool when they play out, the group really reflects their degree of cool and begin following their each and every proceed onward stage. The two sorts of exhibitions have a similar impact; they have the consideration of their crowd. I have been to shows with exhibitions so awful, numerous individuals are either tweeting or modifying their cosmetics cos what’s going on in front of an audience isn’t adequate to keep them entranced. In the event that your crowd ain’t hypnotized, at that point, trust me, you’re not a decent stage entertainer.

Get Personal

Recount anecdotes about your life between exhibitions. Let your crowd feel somewhat nearer to you. Craftsmen like Asa and Tuface do this so well. During Asa’s Encore show, she was making stories and breaking wisecracks, and toward the finish of the show, I had a feeling that I knew Asa somewhat better. It’s not every person that will peruse/watch your meetings, but rather in the event that you can tell at any rate a couple of individual stories that will spur your crowd, you have in a real sense won. All your battle stories, anecdotes about your youth and difficulties, and so forth, these are the sort of stories you can tell. Give the individuals who paid great cash to see you an encounter they will always remember.

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Accomplish Something Crazy/Fun

From your passage, you would already be able to win your crowd’s hearts. I recall Gidifest 2015 when Burna Boy made his passage by remaining on top of a moving caterpillar (vehicle). That passageway drew a frantic applause and many “OMGs!!!” from the group who were no uncertainty previously drained by 4 am. At the point when you see craftsmen like Iyanya and Flavor removing their shirts to uncover their abs, or Wizkid running cash and costly accomplices to individuals from the group, it’s not on the grounds that they have abs and cash, it’s their method of planning something insane for wow the group. Presently you don’t need to go to such lengths in the event that you don’t have, however you can figure out how to wow the group in no way different. Something as easy as doing a full split, a little trick, an unusual passage, a music break where you play an instrument in an epic manner, a free-form, and so forth can go far.

On the off chance that you can chip away at the things recorded above and consider the models, I wager you would have the option to transform your dull stage exhibitions into truly epic ones

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